Replacing And Maintaining Your AC Unit

As a consumer, you cannot really predict when your AC goes bad. And if it needs to be replaced, the expenses can be high. Therefore, know everything you should know about your AC system replacement well in advance.

Do you want lower upfront costs or increased energy efficiency? What would be the ideal air conditioning unit size for your space? If you don’t do basic research, things could become confusing.

AC Lifespan

Fresh HVAC units would come good for at least a decade; 20 years is the maximum period you could expect it to last. After 10 years, your AC system would start showing its age and would require frequent repair services than before. With the right AC unit installed, you can expect to live in peace and comfort for two decades.

If your AC unit is more than a decade old and you could see it having wear and tear problems, an expert technician would help ascertain if repair could fix the issue or a replacement would be required.

Choosing the right unit size and associating with the right installation service provider are equally critical. As per ENERGY STAR, close to 50 percent of HVAC units are not installed correctly, which could lead to multiple issues such as excess energy usage.

Energy savings by itself is good enough reason to learn more about AC replacement and how to choose the right contractor and AC unit.

We would like to make the buying process easier. You must know the following prior to replacing your AC setup.

Things to Know Prior to New AC Replacement

Associate with Professionals

As mentioned before, hiring the right contractor for the job is probably the most critical decision you would take during AC replacement. The right contractor is almost certain to guide you through the replacement process honestly. You would have the right unit size for the correct price. Working with the wrong service provider, on the other hand, could result in you being taken for a ride and left with an improperly installed unit.

Hire the best service provider in your area. Check out reviews, seek recommendations from people you know, check the company’s BBB (Better Business Bureau) rating, etc. Also, employ ENERGY STAR’s Heating & Air conditioning Installation Bid Checklist to screen potential AC installers. Proper vetting and research beforehand would save you money and effort in the future.

AC Size

The unit’s size ascertains overall comfort and energy efficiency. Based on your property’s size, your AC unit’s size could vary. If the unit is on the smaller side, for example, it will not be able to adequately cool your place irrespective of how long it runs. If it’s too big, you would constantly switch between cycles and push your energy bills through the roof.

Load Computations

Load computations are important to ascertain the AC unit size your property would require. The computations consider your building’s size, roofing material, climate zone, and orientation, among several other factors for proper installation. Find out if the contractor is willing to carry out Manual J HVAC load computations.

When a price is being quoted for the new unit, size is one of the determinants. If an HVAC firm isn’t talking about the unit’s size, you may doubt the credibility of the company. Many things are looked into as far as design and size are considered. Therefore, work with your service provider and make sure you know what size is being installed.

SEER Rating

SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) has been in use since 2015 when the American Department of Energy set the minimum SEER prerequisite at 13-14. The 14-22 SEER range is considered energy efficient. Even if you’re not very particular about installing the most pro-environment and energy-efficient system, a solid SEER rating is a must. Moreover, your monthly energy bills would decrease, and the unit’s lifespan would increase if your system is energy-efficient. These are some of the many things to consider prior to replacing your AC.

High-Efficiency Units

If you want to upgrade your existing setup to a brand-new energy-efficient unit, there are multiple choices at your disposal. However, always check the unit’s ENERGY STAR label, as they are considered extremely efficient. The upfront costs would be higher, but a longer lifespan and lower utility bills would more than make up for them in the long run.


The lifetime cost of your unit includes the money spent on maintaining its performance and health. Yearly maintenance is imperative for a clean and functional unit. Several things, such as overall comfort and indoor air quality, come down to how well the unit is maintained. Many established HVAC firms offer annual maintenance plans. These yearly tune-ups ensure large repairs are addressed at their budding stage, and the maximum value is derived from your investment.

How To Maintain Your Air Conditioner: Keep it Running

Central air conditioners are modern luxuries that cool family homes during the hot summer months. Nonetheless, an air conditioner loses its’ energy efficiency through time, particularly if it is not maintained in the right way. Although several of these issues are an inevitable consequence of age, some problems arise due to the accumulation of dust, grime, and dirt. These things are entirely avoidable if care is taken to do the correct air conditioning maintenance. If certain components of an air conditioner are not regularly cleaned, it puts a strain on the whole system, and additional energy is used to produce a comfortable living environment. It is vital to remember this if you want to improve the efficiency of your existing air conditioner. Take heed of the following advice regarding air conditioner maintenance, and it will save you cash and maximize the return on your investment in the appliance.

Arrange Your Yearly Checkup During the Spring Months

It is important to pay for a yearly maintenance check, prior to the arrival of the warm weather. The majority of HVAC firms provide maintenance services, to ensure that your unit runs as efficiently as possible. A check-up will involve fan lubrication, cleaning the unit and electrical connection tightening. The engineer will note the levels of coolant and identify more severe problems that occasionally appear after prolonged usage, such as refrigerant leaks. Then, he will repair the problem to restore the appliance to its’ former efficient state. In the same way that maintaining your car enhances gas mileage performance, giving your air conditioning unit a tune up will improve its’ efficiency and prevent any catastrophic breakdowns.

Change Your Filter Frequently

Air conditioners move air through buildings in regular cycles. Once they send cooler air into living spaces, they collect stagnant air and move it back into the unit. Before it goes back to the air handler close to the furnace, the air is filtered to capture airborne particulates and pollutants that might harm the unit. As the filter is filled with dust and allergens, it becomes blocked, which restricts the flow of air to the handler. This puts pressure on the unit and causes it to be less efficient. Prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system by changing its’ filter frequently, so it remains as energy efficient as possible. In addition, select a filter that is suitable for your property.

Make Sure Every Return air Duct is Cleaned

As well as changing your filter, it is essential to spend time cleaning the return air ducts. The covers on these ducts can become clogged with dust, dirt, and lint. This blocks the flow of air and forces the unit to overwork, making it less efficient and reducing its’ lifespan. The ducts should be vacuumed each time the room is cleaned so that sufficient airflow gets to your HVAC system.

Examine the air Conditioner’s Pipe Insulation

Disintegrated or ripped insulation can affect an air conditioner’s cooling ability. Examine the insulation that covers the unit’s coolant pipes during the summer. These should be replaced, if required, to ensure that the appliance runs efficiently. It is easy to get rid of old insulation, then put fresh materials on yourself.

Inspect the Duct Work Closely

Ductwork can pick up dirt, even in new properties, because building dust and debris accumulates inside it naturally. If vermin has been in your property, your ducts might be coated with droppings and have nesting materials in them too. Once the appliance is switched on, small particles float into the property and reduce the quality of air indoors. Also, they float back through the air conditioning unit and hinder the flow of air. Get the ducts cleaned professionally, to enhance the quality of air indoors and ensure that your unit runs more efficiently.

Inspect the Wiring

Another method to make air conditioning more efficient is to inspect the wires in the condensing section, for any indications of wear or overheating. Don’t forget to switch off the unit, prior to starting. If you notice any worn out or burned looking wires, contact a professional to fix the problem.

Make Sure the Compressor Outside is Cleaned

Keeping your condenser coils and compressor clean should be your top priority. This is done during a maintenance check, so you can avoid opening the unit if you hire a professional. Nonetheless, the coils can become filthy and stop absorbing the heat properly. The condenser coils and evaporator can be cleaned effectively, using a garden hose. However, take care not to splash water on any electric connections. While cleaning the coils, examine the fins because they are fragile and easy to bend. If any fins are bent, just straighten these out with a fin comb. Do not landscape within a couple of feet of the appliance either.

Reasons Why You Must Get HVAC Installation Or Repair Done Professionally

You may believe doing HVAC installation or repair yourself would help you save money. But you discount the solid chances of you making things worse, causing unnecessary costly repairs. On the other hand, if you get on-board a professional HVAC technician, the repair or installation work would be done right and quickly. And if a mistake or two occurred, the technician would willingly come back and fix things without charging anything extra.

When working with HVAC, you are coming in close contact with high-pressure metal pipes, combustible fuel, and extreme heat. Make one small mistake and you could be confronting a gas leak or something even worse. The best and safest bet is letting a qualified and experienced HVAC repair contractor taking care of this hazardous technical job. Professionals exist for this very reason, so that the homeowner is not exposed to such danger.

An HVAC unit is not another home appliance that works right after you have it plugged in. They are wired directly to your house’s main electrical system. You must know how your house’s main power source turns on/off and which wires to disengage so that the risk of your home burning down due to a shorted-out circuit is reduced considerably.


Uninstalling the existing HVAC system would take some grinding and cutting of a few metal pieces. Professional HVAC contractors would have all necessary tools for the job. Replacing the old system with a new unit should also be done right; the wiring must be properly done so that the system runs effectively. The technician would also make sure the old unit is properly recycled.

The ducts that allow air circulation throughout your house could require replacement or repair too. Duct sealing and repair may need significant amount of sheet metal work, if you want to do things right.

An HVAC installation expert would have the necessary equipment and tools to get the job done. Most homeowners don’t have the right equipment for the job. For example, drive benders, sheet metal crimpers, and hand seamers are usually not found in a regular toolbox.

Your HVAC installation or repair project should conform to the local and state codes. A qualified cooling and heating contractor would be wary of and comprehend these rules and would prioritize code compliance.


A proper installation could assure lower running expenses and improved performance. If your house’s central HVAC system is professionally installed, you could expect the unit to work as the manufacturer intended it to. An HVAC professional would also recommend you the ideal system for your house. Based on your requirements and budget, you would be offered valuable advice and suggestions on the best choice.

Generally, an HVAC equipment comes with a manufacturer warranty. A genuine HVAC contractor would offer the guarantee in writing. Moreover, the HVAC contractor must provide a guarantee on all work done, besides offering insurance proof if any damage happens during the unit’s repair or installation.

These are few of the several reasons why you must let an experienced HVAC technician take care of furnace installation. They are trained and educated to do the job the right way, making efficient use of available resources and time. By working with professionals, you would end up saving more money in the long run and have your mental peace intact too.

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