Central air conditioners are modern luxuries that cool family homes during the hot summer months. Nonetheless, an air conditioner loses its’ energy efficiency through time, particularly if it is not maintained in the right way. Although several of these issues are an inevitable consequence of age, some problems arise due to the accumulation of dust, grime, and dirt. These things are entirely avoidable if care is taken to do the correct air conditioning maintenance. If certain components of an air conditioner are not regularly cleaned, it puts a strain on the whole system, and additional energy is used to produce a comfortable living environment. It is vital to remember this if you want to improve the efficiency of your existing air conditioner. Take heed of the following advice regarding air conditioner maintenance, and it will save you cash and maximize the return on your investment in the appliance.

Arrange Your Yearly Checkup During the Spring Months

It is important to pay for a yearly maintenance check, prior to the arrival of the warm weather. The majority of HVAC firms provide maintenance services, to ensure that your unit runs as efficiently as possible. A check-up will involve fan lubrication, cleaning the unit and electrical connection tightening. The engineer will note the levels of coolant and identify more severe problems that occasionally appear after prolonged usage, such as refrigerant leaks. Then, he will repair the problem to restore the appliance to its’ former efficient state. In the same way that maintaining your car enhances gas mileage performance, giving your air conditioning unit a tune up will improve its’ efficiency and prevent any catastrophic breakdowns.

Change Your Filter Frequently

Air conditioners move air through buildings in regular cycles. Once they send cooler air into living spaces, they collect stagnant air and move it back into the unit. Before it goes back to the air handler close to the furnace, the air is filtered to capture airborne particulates and pollutants that might harm the unit. As the filter is filled with dust and allergens, it becomes blocked, which restricts the flow of air to the handler. This puts pressure on the unit and causes it to be less efficient. Prolong the lifespan of your air conditioning system by changing its’ filter frequently, so it remains as energy efficient as possible. In addition, select a filter that is suitable for your property.

Make Sure Every Return air Duct is Cleaned

As well as changing your filter, it is essential to spend time cleaning the return air ducts. The covers on these ducts can become clogged with dust, dirt, and lint. This blocks the flow of air and forces the unit to overwork, making it less efficient and reducing its’ lifespan. The ducts should be vacuumed each time the room is cleaned so that sufficient airflow gets to your HVAC system.

Examine the air Conditioner’s Pipe Insulation

Disintegrated or ripped insulation can affect an air conditioner’s cooling ability. Examine the insulation that covers the unit’s coolant pipes during the summer. These should be replaced, if required, to ensure that the appliance runs efficiently. It is easy to get rid of old insulation, then put fresh materials on yourself.

Inspect the Duct Work Closely

Ductwork can pick up dirt, even in new properties, because building dust and debris accumulates inside it naturally. If vermin has been in your property, your ducts might be coated with droppings and have nesting materials in them too. Once the appliance is switched on, small particles float into the property and reduce the quality of air indoors. Also, they float back through the air conditioning unit and hinder the flow of air. Get the ducts cleaned professionally, to enhance the quality of air indoors and ensure that your unit runs more efficiently.

Inspect the Wiring

Another method to make air conditioning more efficient is to inspect the wires in the condensing section, for any indications of wear or overheating. Don’t forget to switch off the unit, prior to starting. If you notice any worn out or burned looking wires, contact a professional to fix the problem.

Make Sure the Compressor Outside is Cleaned

Keeping your condenser coils and compressor clean should be your top priority. This is done during a maintenance check, so you can avoid opening the unit if you hire a professional. Nonetheless, the coils can become filthy and stop absorbing the heat properly. The condenser coils and evaporator can be cleaned effectively, using a garden hose. However, take care not to splash water on any electric connections. While cleaning the coils, examine the fins because they are fragile and easy to bend. If any fins are bent, just straighten these out with a fin comb. Do not landscape within a couple of feet of the appliance either.